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15 Little Things About America That Drive Tourists Crazy

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There are lots of great places to see in America, but visiting our beautiful country can be very stressful for some foreigners.

We like to do things a little differently here in the land of the free, and that rubs certain people the wrong way. Here are 15 things that simply confuse tourists:

1. The Metric System

Countries that don't use the Metric system.

The won't admit it, but a few countries still use feet and inches to measure height, and pounds for weight, but pretty much everything else has changed to the metric system. Most visitors will have no idea what to expect if you tell them it's 80 degrees outside, or that they need to walk "5 miles down the road." Why are we still using the Imperial system again?

2. Filling glasses with ice

Sure, there's nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of sweet tea filled to the brim with ice on a summer day, but why do we load our glasses with ice the rest of the year? Even in the winter a restaurant will serve you a soda chock full of ice, a uniquely American habit.

3. We take credit

In most countries, carrying a little cash around in your wallet is a necessity. Odds are that something, from a parking machine to a small store, will only take coins and bills. Not only is credit accepted in America, most places will still let you get by with just a swipe and a signature, while other countries use a chip and PIN code.

"Even a small picnic I went to, which had an entry fee, had some sort of mobile app and a device attached to accept credit cards," remembers a recent immigrant from India. "It was amazing."

4. Big portion sizes

Yes, everything's bigger in Texas, but a plate of food at an American restaurant is nothing to sneeze at. On average, Americans chow down on an extra 500 calories each day compared to countries like Mexico and Spain. The Japanese eat nearly 900 fewer calories than we do every day. Tourists are often surprised to find they need a doggy bag to take their meal home.

5. Tipping

Another problem that pops up when foreigners visit our restaurants: tipping. Every coffee shop, restaurant, hotel and even barber shops in America will ask you for tips. America is one of the few countries where this habit persists, and it means a lot of extra math and confusion for tourists.

What part of American TV annoys tourists? You can probably guess...

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