15 Parenthood Hacks That Actually Work

Life is a whirlwind when you have mini-tornadoes running around under foot.

To make matters more confusing, it seems like everyone's got a hack for parenthood that they swear by. The internet is drowning in hacks, but how do you know which ones actually work?

Personal experience is a good indicator of success. So, we've collected 15 Parenthood hacks that actually work - tested by moms and dads like you!

1. Weaning : Pacifier Edition

This super simple trick was recommended to Sherry from Dallas, Texas by her child's dentist. A super sneaky way to wean your toddler from their pacifier is to cut it down, slowly, over time.

Eventually, it will lose suction and your toddler will lose interest. No tears, no tantrums!

2. The toilet paper trick

For enthusiastic wipers, this mom created a smart way to reduce waste and save money.

If you find that you're running out of TP faster than you can say "wash your hand," unroll 3-4 squares of toilet paper, then mark a spot on the wall where the strip stops. Simple!

3. Shoe Stickers

Cut an cute sticker in two, then place half in each shoe. Kids will know that they're putting the right shoe on the correct foot wen the stickers line up!

3. Slipper Grips

This one is not just for kids! We applied hot glue dots to the bottoms of everyone's slippers to keep us and the kids from falling on our wood and tile floors.

4. Lock-Safe Rubber Band

Just twist a rubber band around the door knobs and the latch to keep your kids from locking themselves in a room.

5. Fitted Sheet Awning

This is a great hack for infants in the summer months. It keeps them in one spot, cool and safe.

Just attach a fitted sheet to the top of a playpen and position it under a tree for added shade!

6. Lotion Stopper

Sometimes kidlets get a little carried away with the lotion or hand soap. To avoid a mess, wrap a rubber band around the pump.

7.  Hand Helper - DIY Faucet Attachment

While some sinks have beautiful hardware, they can be challenging for little arms to reach.  

  1. Unscrew the top of a lotion bottle
  2. Cut around the top until you have a hole big enough to fit around your faucet
  3. Cut the back off and attach to the faucet

8. The Upside Down Straw Trick

Insert a curly straw upside down in your child's drink cup. The bent part will keep the straw where it belongs: inside the lid.

9. Pool Noodle Door Jam

Tired of hearing your doors slam into the wall behind them? Afraid that your little one will pinch their fingers? Cut 1/4 of a pool noodle in half and secure it to the side of the door.

No more banging and no worries for little fingers!

10. Onesie Magic

If you take only one hack away with you, this is the one. Leaky diapers are THE WORST.

Rather than pulling a poop covered onesie over your child's head, pull it down. The folds in the onesies make it easier for you to strip them from the shoulders-down.

11. Frozen Cloth Teething Trick

This is genius. If your little one is teething and nothing else works, put some apple sauce in the middle of a damp cloth. Roll it up and freeze it. Once frozen, let your little one suck on it to soothe those sore gums!

12. Medicine Hack For Sick Baby or Toddler

Cut a hole into the back of a pacifier and insert syringe or dropper through it to administer meds.

13. Manage Newborn Poop Duty

Put a bit of coconut or almond oil on your baby's bottom to make cleanup a cinch.

The first few bowl movements (meconium) will be tar-like and sticky, but a little extra moisturizer will help it to wipe right off.

14. This Magic Stain Remover Gets EVERYTHING out

From mustard stains to spit-up, you've seen and washed it all. This super simple stain remover will fight the toughest stains while you do more important things, like nap.

Just mix 1 cup of peroxide with 1/2 cup of Dawn dish soap and 1/2 cup of baking soda.

Scrub it onto the stain with a brush and let it sit for about an hour, then toss in the laundry as usual!

15.  Escape From Your Restless Sleeper

Does your child need a reassuring hand on her back in order to sleep? Fill a glove with beans and seal the bottom. Once your child is sound asleep, place the glove on her back and creep out ninja style.

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