15 Pieces Of Optical Illusion Furniture That Will Tease Your Brain

You may think of the snazzy accent rug in your living room as a conversation starter, but if you really want to get your guests talking at your next dinner party you should invest in one of these mind-bending pieces of furniture.

It may be hard to believe, but all of these are 100% real pieces of furniture that are really for sale. The first time you look at these confusing creations your eyes will refuse to believe what they're seeing.

Floating tables, flat shelves, drawers that sink into the floor, these are what happen when designers challenge themselves to make something truly unique. See how many you can figure out!


1. Bottomless Bookshelves

Finally an easy solution to your storage space problems! No, these drawers don't really sink into the floor, they're just weird little decorations designed to look that way.

2. Missing Leg Stool

From one perspective this stool looks a little rickety, but it actually does have four legs. I'll sit on the couch instead, thanks.

3.  The Invisible Sink

This sink is made from special material, so it's almost invisible from the right angle. Plus, it comes with a medicine cabinet disguised as a marble wall fixture.

4.  Flying Carpet Table

Make your house feel like a whole new world with this clever "floating" table. In case you can't figure it out, the "shadow" is the table's base, and the two pieces are connected.

5.  Canvas Seating

These chairs are a real work of art! They may look like paintings, but they're actually made of elastic. Lean them against a wall and you can sit on them like a real chair.

6.  Floating Cube Wall Storage

Okay this one is kind of tricky, how do things fit into the sides of those cubes? Look closer, each side is actually a diamond shaped storage nook attached to the wall, which combines to make these shelves look like a level from Q*bert.

7. "Blurry" Furniture

Is this picture out of focus, or are your eyes just getting tired? Actually, these pieces are made of small square frames that "blur" when you look at them from a distance.

8. Floating Table

This table looks like it only has one leg, but it actually has two. The walking stick on the side is attached to the table. Oh, and it's mounted to the wall as well.

9. Floating Chairs

This is such a simple trick: the chair's legs are painted to blend in with the floor and wall so they "float." It's impressive, but if you buy these chairs you'll have to keep your rug pretty clean or else the illusion is ruined.

10. Sardine Can Bench

Yes, you probably realize that this bench isn't really a giant sardine can, but it's still a very clever and playful design.

11. "One Legged" Chairs

This chair comes in two different styles but they both have the same effect, your guests will wonder how you're staying upright with nothing holding you up - at least until they see the plastic legs.

12. The Cut Chair

How can this chair possibly support your weight when it only has one leg? Easy, look at the rug underneath. Metal runs through the leg and connects to a heavy sheet under the rug, which keeps this unusual chair standing up.

13. Triangle Vase

There's no "trick" to this twisty vase, the shape it takes all depends on what angle you look at it from. This is one vase that will get more attention than the flowers you put in it.

14. Silhouette Lamp

This is the hardest piece to figure out. What keeps the top of this lamp in the air? The answer is there's really no "trick" at all, a strong magnet makes the top half float above the rest of the lamp. It's not cheating, it's just really clever design.

15. Illusion Shelves

Another set of tricky shelves but these are a little different. They look like they've been drawn onto the wall, but really they're hanging off it at just the right angle to fool you.

How many of these could you figure out? Share this list with a friend to really confuse them!

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