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15 Service Dogs Who Are Ridiculously Good At Their Jobs

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Service dogs combine the best parts of the animal and human world: they all do a job that supports us humans, with the reliability and dedication of a dog.

All service dogs are heroes in their own way, but these 15 deserve a special shout-out:

1. Blaine the blood pressure dog

Blaine helps keep his owner Nicole safe by detecting when her blood pressure is falling dangerously low. He's also a great source of support when Nicole isn't doing very well.

2. Jedi the diabetes dog

Another case where a dog uses his keen sense of smell for a good cause. Jedi can smell when his owner Luke's blood glucose levels are dropping.

3. The dogs of World War 1

Thousands of dogs served on both sides of the huge conflict, usually delivering messages and supplies. Sergeant Stubby, pictured below, earned his rank by warning soldiers of gas attacks and by catching a German spy.

4. Tuco the K9 dog

People fell in love with the Boston Police Department when photos showing his first day on the job were released. This photo from last year's Boston Marathon shows his harness fits him much better now.

Want to meet a dog with a one-of-a-kind nose?

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