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15 Teen Shows From The 90s You've Probably Forgotten About

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There were plenty of teen dramas to choose from in the 90s and no shortage of beautiful actors to fill the roles of dream boat, snob, loner and outcast.

We probably watched all of these at least once, but just how many do you actually remember? The plots were all pretty much the same, but that's why we watched them.

The writers and producers did get a little creative with the main story line: toss in some aliens, put the school on a boat, or kill off their main character in the first episode, to make it seem like we were watching something new.

How many of them do you remember?

City Guys  1997–2001

This series was an edgier version of Saved By The Bell. Chris Anderson ( the 'Zack Morris' of this story) gets kicked out of his high society school for bad behavior. He's forced to attend a high school in Harlem where he clashes with/befriends a street kid named Jamal Grant (the 'A.C. Slater.')

Similar story lines that deal with cheating on tests, first love, peer pressure, but with less whitewashing. The series also focus on tougher issues of racism and school violence.

Breaker High 1997–1998

The Canadian show lasted one season and featured a very young, slightly raunchy Ryan Gosling. It's pretty much exactly like every teen comedy sitcom except they're on a cruise ship. Basically, a bunch of rich kids swimming in hormones, floating around on a boat, getting into trouble.

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