15 Times Restaurants Went Way Too Far With Serving Food

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Businesses like to try new things to stand out among the competition and this is especially true for restaurants. In the last little while, we've seen Taco Bell release a fried chicken taco shell, Starbucks make headlines for their Unicorn Frappuccino and Arby's introduce its bacon-heavy Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon Sandwich.

But none of it is as wacky as the restaurants who choose to serve food on everything but a plate.

Here are 15 unconventional ways restaurants have served food:

1. Croquettes in a shoe

Footwear News

Las Vegas-based Jaleo is famous for serving their signature ham, chicken and cheese croquettes in a shoe. The demand was so high that the head Chef decided to create his own "food-safe serving shoe" made with resin and lined with wax.

2. Breakfast on a shovel

The Tickethall on the Isle of Man, U.K. serves its famous breakfast and brunch options on a metal shovel.

3. Drinks in a toilet


The Toronto-based poop-themed cafe serves food and drinks in toilet shaped dishes.

4. Dinner in a dog bowl

If you'd like to eat out of a doggie bowl then make sure to visit The Varsity Warwick Pub in Coventry, U.K. The "Dirty Dog's Dinner" comes in a stainless steel bowl filled with sausages, bacon, beans and fries.

5. Afternoon tea on a picnic table

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The Garden Kitchen in the U.K serves its goodies for their picnic-themed afternoon tea on a small picnic table.

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