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15 Tricks To Improve Your Mood In 2 Minutes Or Less

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So you're having a bad day - it's awful, but it happens to everyone once in a while. Even if you have a lot to be thankful for and are a generally happy person, you're bound to have a day where everything seems to go wrong, and you can't shake the bad feelings.

There are methods to live a happier life and overcome these feelings, but most of the time all you need is a quick mood booster, or 15 of them.

Everything on this list is guaranteed to make you smile or forget your troubles. If you can't remember to do some daily affirmations, these tricks will cheer you up in a pinch.

1. Smile - even if you're sad

It can be difficult, but forcing your body to go through the motions and act happy can actually improve your mood. Researchers say smiling throughout the day lowers your stress, because it sends a signal to the rest of your body saying "everything is okay, don't worry so much!"

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2. Eat a snack or drink some water

Being "hangry" is no joke, sometimes when life is getting you down a nice piece of chocolate or some fruit is the perfect thing to lift your spirits. It's also easy to get dehydrated without realizing it, which can make you upset. So keep drinking water throughout the day.

3. Spend time being grateful

Take a post-it note and make a list of what you're grateful for. It could be something you accomplished that day, or just the fact that you're healthy. This takes your mind off your troubles and reminds you of everything good about your life.

4. Take time to laugh

Share a funny story with someone, or a stupid joke (if you can't think of one, we have a few). You'll be amazed how fast your day can turn around when you take time to have fun. The sillier your reason to laugh is, the better!

5. Ask someone about their day

Like making a list of things you're grateful for, talking with someone else about their life is a fast way to get your mind off your problems. Plus, you're helping make the other person's day better too!

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