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16 Beautiful Bathtubs That Will Make You Want To Renovate

There is arguably nothing more relaxing than a nice, soothing bath.

Add some bubble bath, bath salts, a couple lit candles, and a glass of red wine and you've got yourself the best night ever.

But if your bathtub is old, it can take away from the ambiance a little. "Oh look, there's that soap scum I haven't been able to scrub off in 15 years!"

A plain bathtub can be just that...PLAIN.

Take some inspiration from these incredibly unique bathtubs and see if there's something that catches your eye! Spoiler: there will be.

1. For when you want to watch TV while bathing.

2. It's like having bead curtains, but instead of beads it's water!

3. This is great if you're in the country...not so much the city. But I love the open concept idea!

4. Really set the mood with this color changing bathtub.

5. Kinda looks like a race car, kinda looks like a fancy floor rug. Either way, I love it.

6. Zebra print is where it's at!

7.  For all you book lovers out there!

8. And you shoe lovers.

9. I feel like this is the Trevi Fountain of bathtubs.

10. A classic infinity bath is always a good choice.

11. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

12. Rainforest vibes make all the difference.

13. It kinda looks like a dining room...which I'm totally okay with.

14. This is like you're in a log cabin without having to actually go to a log cabin!

15. Why not make the tub the center of attention.

16. And finally, the ultimate date night tub.

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