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16 Cat Hacks That Actually Work

Having a cat is a lot of work.

They don't really care about anything but themselves? And they can also cost a lot of money with all the food, toys, and damaged furniture.

You can sleep a little easier tonight knowing there are ways to combat most of the problems that are associated with owning a cat. Except for their attitude. I can't change that for you.

1. Take out the panel of a cabinet you don't use, add curtains, and put the litter box in there.

2. Give your cat a small patch of grass for indoors

3. Build a small stairway for your cat to get to higher ground using floating shelves

4. Create a tiny jungle gym by cutting holes out of an old bookshelf.

5. Make a tiny cat hammock under any table using Velcro and cloth

6. Fill a Tupperware with toys and treats, then cut holes in the lid. Kitty puzzle!

7. Use toilet brushes to make a DIY scratching post for your cat!

8. Glue some carpet to a wooden frame and attach it to the wall for a small scratching post.

9. A Kleenex box filled with empty toilet paper rolls makes a quick and easy cat toy

10. Instead of de-clawing (which is the WORST), use claw coverings if your cat REALLY is taking things too far.

11. Grow your own cat nip

12. Use a rubber glove to wipe up pet hair from furniture

13. You can trap fleas by lighting a tea candle

14. Put the food on a shallow plate to prevent your cat from eating so fast

15. Use double sided tape to keep cats off furniture you don't want them on. They hate sticky.

16. Use dryer sheets to get cat hair off your clothes

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