16 Parents Who Are Resourceful As Heck

Being a parent means learning on the fly.

It takes a cunning mind to be able to be as resourceful as parents are. Quick thinking, problem solving, and lack of shame all play into what makes a parents amazing.

These parents have taken it to the next level with their resourcefulness.

Take a look at these genius parenting hacks and see if there's anything you can use to your advantage!

1. The beer but also bottle carrier.

The mullet of the diaper bag world: business in the front, party in the back.

2. The 2-in-1 play station

Attaching the baby's play mat to his vibration chair, making the best of both worlds a reality.

3. The fancy, carb-free lunch that was totally intentional and not at all a last-minute fix.

Honestly any child would be blessed to eat this.

4. The DIY water park

Honestly, brilliant.

5. The hottest new purse trend: a scooter

For when you have to take the groceries in, but also your kid left his scooter on the driveway.

6. The makeshift bib

Use a plastic bag if you're in a pinch.

7. A baby hammock

For when you want to hide the baby but still be a "responsible parent."

8. The Fitted Sheet Playpen

No one knows how to fold them, anyway. Now you don't have to!

9. The Sit-N-Swing

Everyone's a winner with this one.

10. The Reverse Playpen

"I don't know why you're crying, you have the entire house to yourself."

11. The High Chair Safety Net

Use an apron to catch all the food your child will inevitably drop.

12. The outdoor playpen

Can't tell if this is cute or cruel.

13. DIY building blocks

Combining your fun with their fun.

14. The TV Protector

To stop those sticky fingers from hitting buttons they shouldn't be hitting.

15. The Swiss-Army-Stroller

For those times when you have babies to push, but also s*** to do.

16. The Back Massage Masterpiece

You get to lay down, they get to play, and you get a back massage. Plus it's perfect for travel.

What are your parent hacks you've discovered over the years? Let us know in the comments!

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