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16 Pictures You'll Hate If You Have Trypophobia

Are you ready to find out about the phobia you never knew you had?

Trypophobia is the fear of things with small holes. Yes, it may sound pretty mundane. But trust me, it is a very, VERY real thing. The word itself wasn't even coined until 2005 and isn't technically recognized as a legit phobia...but maybe once the professionals see this post they'll understand.

Trypophobia can be triggered by anything and everything on this list. Some things I'm fine with. Others? Well let's just say they induce a lot of cringing.

1. It can be triggered by intense stretch marks.

2. Plucked feathers

3. This image of a girl who was kneeling on frozen peas.

4. Barnacle-Crusted Sunglasses

5. Acorns in this tree.

6. The bubbles in this drink.

7. Yep, even honeycomb.

8. This coral is pretty cringe-worthy.

9. This monster who photo-shopped holes onto her tongue???

10. This sandstone wall.

11. A lion's tongue.

12. This crocheted scarf.

13. These weird mushrooms.


15. This face that makes me want to cry.

16. And finally, this coral that will make you never want to go in the ocean again.

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