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16 Things Only Old Millennials Will Remember From Days They Stayed Home Sick From School

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VersusBattle / Reddit

Skipping school was fun - especially when we were old enough to drive. But sometimes, we were legitimately sick and had to stay home for the day.

Old millennials will definitely remember actually LIKING the medicine their moms gave them, watching daytime television and the dreaded thermometer check.

See how many old millenial 'sick day' memories you have:

These 'measuring spoons' that gave us just the right amount of the good stuff:

That "bubblegum medicine" we actually liked to take:

These thermometers our moms always stuck under our tongues:

Bob Barker was our buddy, even if we slept through most of The Price Is Right:

Actually getting motion-sickness from playing too much Super Mario Bros:

Waiting for your friends to come online during computer class, so you could chat on ICQ:

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