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16 Things That Didn't Suck In 2016

So, 2016.

What a year.

Looking back, it's pretty overwhelming to see all of the dramatic changes that have shaped our world since Janyary 1, 2016. But, as we near the end of this roller-coaster year, let's take a moment to appreciate some things humanity actually got right in the past 12 months.

Here's our silver lining:

16. World Hunger Reached It's Lowest Point In 25 Years

15. Measles Has Been Eliminated From All Of The Americas

For the first time ever, this disease has been eliminated from an entire world region!

14. Harvard Scientists Make Major Breakthrough In Overcoming Antibiotic Resistance

If successful, this could make anitibiotics safer, more effective and overcome the resistance bacteria have developed.

13. Columbia's Government and Rebels sign a peace agreement

This is major -  50 years of conflict that cost 260,000 lives is over. Now, all of the war in the world is limited to less than a sixth of the world's population.

12. We Created The World's Largest Marine Reserve - 600,000 Square Miles Of Ocean

In a multinational agreement between 24 countries and the European Union agreed to protect a massive area in the Ross Sea near Antarctica. As of December 2017 it will be protected for 35 years.

11. Female Olympians Representing USA Brought Home The Most Medals On Their Team

10. We Proved That Helping Each Other Was Important To Us Too

Global spending on aid and development increased and spending on refugees has doubled!

9. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Was A Success!

The incredible amount of money that we raised for the ALS association by dumping buckets of ice on our heads contributed to the discovery of a new ALS gene that scientists can target for therapy development.

8. The Tiger Population Is Up For The First Time In 100 Years.

About 3,890 tigers exist in the wild now!

7. This Teen Created An App For Bullied School Children

Natalie Hampton from California suffered in silence due to bullying that left her lonely during lunch. After she moved to a new school and made friends, she decided to help other kids who were bullied at lunch by creating an app.

The Sit With Us app is available for free on The Apple Store.

6. Boko Haram Released 21 Abducted School Girls After Mass Campaign For Their Return

However, there still remain 197 Chibok girls in captivity.

5. This Girl's Giant Cabbage Fed Thousands

Well, it fed 275 people at a nearby soup kitchen. But, the cabbage inspired her and other young gardeners to grow food for and serve over 2,000 meals and donate thousands of pounds of produce across the US.

4. Ebola Eliminated In West Africa

After Liberia confirmed that it was Ebola-free, there are no known cases of the deadly virus left in West Africa.

3. The United States Feeds Healthy School Lunches to 30 Million Children

The National School Lunch Program feeds more than 30 million children every day, the majority of whom come from poor families.

2. The Hole In The Ozone Has Shrunk by 3.9 Million Square Kilometers

Scientists think that it could be fully healed by 2050.

1. Giant Pandas Were Taken Off The Endangered Species List


See, 2016 wasn't THAT bad! Can you think of any other uplifting moments? Share them in the comments below!

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