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17 Freaky Kids Costumes From The 80's And One We ALL Wore.

One of the most memorable things about Hallowe'en costumes in the 80's were the masks.

Everyone wore a mask and they were THE WORST. It was hard to see, hard to breathe and your face got all sweaty from your hot candy breath. Sure, they were annoying and uncomfortable, but they totally made the costume, so we wore them for as long as possible.

As we begin to plan our epic costumes for Hallowe'en 2016, take a look back at what we all wore in the 80's - maybe you'll find some inspiration on this creepy walk down memory lane!

Well, this is terrifying.

Something's wrong with that Wookiee's eyes...

Looks like that little He-Man got into the chocolates early...

Anyone else remember making paper masks in school?

I don't know what's scarier: the little diablo or that clown's huge grin...

We were all Raggedy Anne and Andy at least once

The Big Bad Wolf looks a lot like  Alice In Wonderland's March Hare...


Hallowe'en was an excuse to wear ALL the makeup:

Even smurfs were creepy.

I thought Casper was a friendly ghost? WHAT is that freaky looking skeleton lady doing in this picture? Show me your hands, kids.

Sure, masks were creepy, but so was the face paint...Patches is NOT happy.

We all wanted to be Jem.

If I saw this crew walking toward me in the night, I'd throw the candy and run.

Why would they put the eye holes in her hair - that's just wrong.

What's creepy about this picture? Everything, man, EVERYthing.

These costumes aren't too terrifying, well, that clown is questionable... wait - that's not a hat!

Those masks tho...

Finally, no Hallowe'en is complete without an adorable pumpkin...The littlest kid in the family always wore it. Admit it, you were the pumpkin.

Do you remember parading through the school with your class, all dressed up in your Hallowe'en best? Let us know in the comments below - don't forget to Like & Share!

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