17 Optical Illusions That Most People Can't Figure Out

Optical illusions separate the creative thinkers from the logical thinkers. They show you how "outside the box" your brain can get.

Or they'll just screw with everyone's mind until they want to cry. It's one of the two.

Optical illusions challenge us to see things for more than what they are, and most people struggle to find the solution.

Most of these illusions involve color and how we see it. See if you can figure them out!

1. If you stare at the orange and green dots, then move your eyes to the yellow dots, the colors change.

2. The grey line in the center is the same color throughout the image. The background makes it look different.

3. The middle box isn't actually there. If you stare at the picture long enough, it fades into the background.

4. Square A and Square B are actually the same color, but the shadow of the cylinder distorts our ability to identify it.

5. These dots all look like they're moving, but if you stare at it long enough they all become stationary.

6. If you focus on the black dot, the grey bar on the side will turn blue.

7. How many colors (other than white) do you see in this picture? (Hint: it's not four)

8. All the squares in this picture are the exact same size, even though it looks like they're bulging.

9. Stare at the + sign and you'll notice the purple dots change color

10. These two dogs are the exact same color.

11. Are these diamonds moving?

12. These chess pieces are all the same color...yes, really.

13. These circles are actually all standing still, not moving like your brain wants to think

14. These boxes are actually in the same spot in both images.

15. This is a maze...can you figure it out?

16. How are these nuts connected?

17. These squares are the same color. Don't believe me? Lay your finger across where the tiles meet.

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