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17 Photos Of People You Won't Believe Are Actually Dolls

If you collected porcelain dolls as a kid, you'll love the scary-real detail on these dolls!

Russian artist, Michael Zajkov makes hyper-realistic dolls with so much accuracy that collectors have to look twice. Each doll is carefully hand-sculpted and painted with the utmost attention to lifelike detail.

The artist studied puppet theater in graduate school and made it big just two years after graduating.

He begins with a sketch and then moves on to creating the actual figure out of polymer clay. Each finished doll has 13 joints, that allow them to move freely.

Every detail is carefully crafted: the wigs are made of French mohair, their eyes are hand-made in Germany, the dresses are made from antique French lace and Zajkov makes the boots himself.

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Watch the artist at work!

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