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17 Signs That Aren't Quite Right

Everyone was taught to proof-read in school. Rough draft, proof-read, then submit.

Clearly these businesses didn't really grasp that concept all the way. They got the "submit" part, and that's about it.

But really, how can you NOT edit signs that are going to be going up in PUBLIC? I mean, really.

And it's not just editing signs. It's sign PLACEMENT. Just...pay attention to your signs.

Check out some of the wildest misspelled and misplaced signs. It'll definitely make you feel better about your spelling abilities.

1. What is it going to do, punch me?

2. I think I'll just eat in tonight.

3. Well ya, that's what I was doing in the first place.

4. Haters gonna hate, players gonna play...

5.  Please make up your mind.

6. Clearly, they didn't so well in 'scohol'

7. I'd rather have the McRib back.

8. For all you vagitarians out there.

9.  Does this also involve vagitarians...?

10. Dogs a-quiet welcome.

11. I guess both wear red?

12. What if I wanted to be a frog?

13. This is just rude, honestly.

14. This seems extreme.

15. If you can't beat 'em...

16. In fairness, this could still be accurate.

17. Oh good, so I can park here then.

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