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17 Vicious Attack Kittens Who Are Very Scary And Tough

You never know when they will attack. You never know where they will come from. You never know how vicious they really can be. What could possible be that scary? Kittens.

Kittens are obviously the terrifying animals who are prepared to attack at a moments notice. Don't be fooled by their fluffy little faces and their tiny little paws, kittens have an evil plan. Don't believe me? These 17 kittens are ready to attack. Watch your back.


1. There is this heartless assassin

2. Or this persistent predator

3. This little one who isn't afraid of anyone

4. They will eat you alive

5. And have precision attacks

6. They are cautious and prepared

7. They know how important the element of surprise is for a mission

8. They will never let an enemy through the gate

9. They make bold choices

10. And will not be held down by your traps

11. They start their training young

12. Because the laser focus they need takes practice

13. They come from a long line of vicious monsters - and are proud of it

14. Because they have become the most ferocious beasts on this planet

15. Sometimes they even turn against each other

16. They know they need to be tougher than the rest

Because only one can be the true champion

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