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18 Dogs Who DO NOT Like Lemons

Is there a more precious site than a dog realizing they made a terrible mistake? Sometimes they realize it when they jump into some snow, sometimes they notice after they try to make friends with a porcupine, and these dogs realized their mistakes when they tasted the weird yellow object that turned out to be pure evil.

These dogs don't know what a lemon is. They do not know how to make lemonade. What they do know, is that it is very sour and they are very disappointed in their choices. Here are 18 dogs who deeply regret trying those lemons.


1. Delayed reactions are a terrible thing

2. Remaining skeptical is very important

3. "I trusted you!"

4. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

5. Small but mighty, this puppy will fight against the evil demon

6. Thought they were okay, but that lemon will always win

7. Shake it off

8. Barking at it will teach it a lesson

9. You have to try and get into its head

10. Someone who tries to feed you a lemon is not your friend

11. It's like a ball that tastes really bad!

12. Keep fighting!

13. Why are those humans always trying to give you one of these?

14. Just because the lemon might weigh as much as you, doesn't mean you can't fight it!

15. No thank you please!

16. Play dead maybe it won't go after you

17. They are always trying to roll away

18. Okay, but maybe they aren't SO bad...

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If you still need more dogs eating lemons, check out this video.

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