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18 Truly Extraordinary Photos Everyone Needs To See

We are so lucky to live on a planet full of wonder and beauty. You don't have to go too far out of the city on a clear night to witness the miracle of a billion stars twinkling in the sky above.

I can't imagine living in world where none of this existed. Even if you haven't seen them with your own eyes, scroll through these photos some of the most extraordinary sights to be seen!

Frozen waves on the shores of the island of Nantucket.jdnphotography

A turtle catches a ride on the back of a jellyfish.Mainfun

Hyperion, the world's tallest tree. This beauty stands 379 feet tall and is about 700-800 years old!Michael Nichols /National Geographic

the Fukang meteorite is believed to be 4.5 billion years old!blazepress

Solar eclipse from spaceuniverse-beauty

norma4These birds are illuminated by the raging fires below as they try to escape through the thick, black smoke

A hidden temple in Kyoto Japanimgur

In this photo, thousand-mile long shadows are cast on the Earth's surface by clouds abovemmbiz

This guy risks his life in extreme kayaking near molten lava in Hawaiiimgwykop

Orion's Nebula is one of the brightest nebulae - You're looking at one of the highest resolution photos ever taken by a telescope!webodysseum

A fire opal - you can actually hold a sunset in your hand!twimg

Thor's Well in Oregon is also called 'the gates of the dungeon'googleusercontent

This photo of the sun was taken with an ultraviolet camera.doba

The incredible fury of a thunderstorm over the sea.googleusercontent

The beautiful, human eye. This zoomed-in image reveals every remarkable detail of the iris.Suren Manvelyan

The incredible geometric textures formed upon a frozen pond in Switzerland.imgur

A beautiful new type of cloud, Asperatus, appears in the New Zealand skyWitta Priester

World's tiniest rodeo! This Reinwardt's Flying Frog sure seems to be having fun with the giant horned wood-boring beetle!HendyMp

How lucky are we to live in a place like this! If you think these photos were amazing, please Like & Share!

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