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18 Truly Unique Tattoos That Dog Lovers Would Actually Get

The choice to have a tattoo is a deeply personal one for many people. For some ink lovers, it is a special phrase, date or inspirational message. For others, it's a portrait of their favorite character, actor or even child.

Some of the most beautiful and personal tributes to a fallen friend have been in the form of tattoos. Some of the most stunning, have actually been dedicated to man's best friend - the dog.

If you can't imagine life without your canine companion, and best fur baby, you might want to consider getting one of these:

1. Heart and Soul

2. Thigh'll always love you.

3. Roses smell just as sweet

4. Brown eyed girl

5. Got your back

6. Always by your side

7. In your eyes

8. Tiny dancers

9. A step in the right direction

10. A work of art

11. Dapper dude

12.  You make me smile

13. You're my best friend

14. In your eyes

15 . They call it puppy love

16. Stealth cutie

17. The sun'll come out tomorrow

18. Furever yours

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