18 Vintage Valentines That Raise A Lot Of Questions

Remember the days when everyone in the class would hand out Valentine's cards to each other? If you were lucky, they would come with chocolate.

Often times you handmade them so they were extra special, but sometimes you would buy the pre-made ones at the store and then strategically pick who you were going to give them to.

This practice was one of the most exciting days of the year, but apparently schools don't allow it now because it's not "inclusive enough" for every student.

Although, maybe those schools saw these vintage valentines and decided it would be better to save the emotional trauma.

1. poison?

2. Why does that paint look so much like blood...?

3. Please don't shoot me??

4. Who are you looking at?

5. No clowns allowed

6. Is this supposed to be a play on "hump day?"

7. What's the crime, though??

8. Maybe you should tell your neighbor that, then.

9. I'd rather you didn't.

10. that a bloody knife in your bag?

11. This feels too flirtatious for a young girl.

12. Don't eat me, though. That defeats the purpose.

13. Breaking and entering is a CRIME

14. Honestly, PLEASE don't shoot me.

15. Stop trying to injure me, please.

16. This seems like something I don't want to happen to me.

17. What happened to your face and also why are you trying to date your brother?

18. Well SOMEONE doesn't handle rejection well...

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