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19 Celebrity Dogs Who Are WAY Cooler Than Their Owners

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If you know everything about your favorite celebrity - what movies they've starred in, how many awards they've won, what type of car they drive - then you probably keep up with their pets as well.

Do movie and TV stars have a knack for picking really adorable pooches, or does the glitz and glamour of fame just rub off on these dogs? Either way, they're stars in their own right, and they deserve to be recognized.

The dogs on this list have one two things in common: they belong to someone famous, and they're unbelievably cute. They say dogs look like their owners, but these movie stars couldn't hold a candle to their Hollywood pooches.

Check out the list and see if your favorite celebrity's dog made the cut!


1. Kaley Cuoco's dog Ruby

The Big Bang Theory star's dog may be small, but he packs a lot of cuteness into his tiny body.

2. Katy Perry's dog Butters

He may not look like a bad boy, but this little rascal once went #2 on Katy's phone!

3. Julianne Hough's dogs Lexi and Harley

They may be a handful (or an armful) but Hough calls these sweet dogs her "babies."

4. Selena Gomez' dog Baylor

Gomez and Justin Bieber adopted this handsome blue eyed dog when they were together, but now she's dog parenting solo.

5. Kate Moss's dog Archie

Kate may be the former model, but Archie looks like he's ready to strut his stuff on a doggy runway.

6. Zooey Deschanel's dogs Dot and Zelda

These two adorable pups were both rescue dogs, which proves the New Girl star has good taste.

7. Heidi Klum's dog Buttercup

The model knows that a pint-sized pooch is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

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