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19 Insanely Clever Halloween Costumes For You To Wow Your Friends With

When you were a kid you could dress as a kid and get away with it. But now? Man, if your Halloween costume isn't thought-provoking you may as well not even leave your house.

Gone are the days when you could re-wear the same thing year after year. Now it takes weeks of planning and coordination with your friends to get things juuuust right.

So here are 19 of the most clever costumes we could find so you don't have to look any further.

1. Your Fave TV Show

This guy chose "Cheers", but this is the easiest way to encapsulate an entire show, not just a character.

2. Self-Absorbed

Cover yourself in sponges and you're all set! For an added touch to really hammer the point: print out some selfies and stick them on there, too!

3. Third Wheel

Okay so maybe you're riding solo in the date department this year, but your friends have a super cute couple's costume. No problem! You're officially in on the joke if you go as the third wheel.

4. Fantasy Football

If you already have the jersey but feel like going as the player on the back is a cop-out, buy a wizard cap and you're all set!

5. Lost Costume

This one is sure to get a laugh from any computer buff out there. It's easy, it's cheap, and it's quick (in case you somehow forgot when Halloween is)

6. Pigs In A Blanket

This one is great because it's cozy and you can fall asleep at any point during the night and people will think it's part of the costume.

7. Ceiling Fan

Not only will you be supporting everyone's favorite ceiling appliance, but you'll also get to be punny, which is the best thing in the world.

8. Social Butterfly

Another thinker. The best part of this is you can wear leggings ALL NIGHT! And you can also self-promote by writing your handles on each print out.

9. Formal Apology

Easy, cheap, and an excuse to wear those fancy clothes you bought three years ago. Plus, you're already apologizing for anything that may happen over the course of the night.

10. Nickelback

This costume costs as much as you let it cost.

11. Blessing In Disguise

Know what else is a blessing in disguise? Being able to avoid people you don't want to talk to because you're in a disguise.

12. Chip On Your Shoulder

Corrugated cardboard has never been so useful! Plus, you could decided to use actual chips and then have snacks all night (that's what I would do)

13. Deviled Egg


14. Hashtag

#Basic #Winning

15. Identity Thief

The perfect way to hide a potential hangover...SUNGLASSES!

16. Cereal Killer

This one is a classic, but ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.

17. Blackmail

You can just walk around all day threatening people with the darkest secrets you have on them (playfully of course).

18. Life Giving You Lemons

It would help if you then also had some lemonade on hand.

19. Taco Belle

'nuff said.

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