19 Photos That Will Remind You How School Used To Be

When we were kids, going to school was a chore, but as you get older you realize how simple and carefree your life was back then.

You didn't have a job, you didn't need to pay rent, your only responsibility was going to class, seeing your friends, and doing your homework. Okay, so homework will never be fun, but everything else was!

There were lots of cool things to learn, fun games to play, gossip to share, and even something healthy and tasty for lunch.

Take a walk down memory lane with these  vintage photographs of all the things we miss about school. Hurry, you don't want to be late, or else you'll get detention!

1. The real reason you went to class was to see your friends

2. And if you couldn't talk, you would pass notes instead

3. But you would still be polite and friendly to your teachers

4. But some classes were fun, like arts and crafts

5. And chemistry, as long as your experiment didn't blow up!

6. There were a few useful classes too, like shop

7. Before computers, learning to use a typewriter was essential

8. Remember home economics?

9. It was like a fun baking class with your best friends

10. Okay class, line up! It's time for...

11. Gym class! Hope you're ready for a workout!

12. Including...whatever this was

13. At least you had a fresh, healthy meal for lunch every day

14. School wasn't all bad, some parts were fun. Like being in the school play

15. And going to the school dance

16. Plus, it was a great place to show off your fashion sense

17. After school, it was time to cheer on the football team

18. And we really mean CHEER!

19. It seemed like those school days would last forever, but they had to end sometime!

What was your favorite part of school? Share this list with someone so they can relive the great memories!

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