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19 Pictures That Show Cats Growing Up Before Your Eyes

If you've had your cat since they were a kitten, you probably have some cute pictures of your pet when they were little.

Be careful: looking at those photos may send you tripping down a memory hole as you remember how cute they used to be, all the good times you've spent together, and how much they've changed over the years.

Instead, take a look at these before and after photos other people have taken of their cats. Some show really dramatic size differences, others capture pets growing up with their owners, but they're all guaranteed to make you think of the first time you met your own cat.

Get ready to go "awwwww," because these are dangerously cute.

1. Who did that?

2. 15 years later

3. Still cute

4. Still a purse cat

5. 18 Years Later (what, no Sonic shirt the second time around?)

6.  From 2001 to 2015

7. He's grown into his attitude

8. Okay cute, but why are they up that ladder?

9. Look how tired they are after all that growing

10. This cat is turning 10, but I think it ate the cake already

11. What an incredible instrument

12. This cat looks like it just woke up after 10 years

13. Siblings stay close throughout the years

14. He finally fits

15. It's been 17 years and this guy still doesn't know how to smile

16.  At least change your sheets every few years

17. He never let go

18. She must have really strong shoulders

19. Best friends forever!

How long have you and your cat been together? Share this post with someone and let them know!

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