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This 20-Year-Old Girl Doesn't Exist, According To The Government

Alecia Faith Pennington is just like any other 20 year old. She wants to travel, she wants to get an education, and she wants to vote. But she's encountered one teeny tiny problem.

She doesn't exist.

Pennigton has no birth certificate, education records, or medical documents. She was born at her home in Texas to her parents, who never filed for a birth certificate or a social security number. Alecia, along with her 8 siblings, was home-schooled by her parents her entire life so she has no record of attendance at any school. Plus she's only seen a doctor once in her life and there is no record.

But how can this happen? How can this girl be completely undocumented, yet an American citizen?

Pennington's parents are what's know as "isolationists", which is an extreme form of Christianity. They keep themselves completely off the grid. Or at least that's what should be done.

But see, that's where this gets weird. It's not like Alecia and her family were unknown to the world. Alecia had a phone she could text with and her mom even ran a blog about their family life; The Pennington Point. So it's not like they were living like the Amish and avoiding all things modern.

Alecia finally got fed up with her family's lifestyle and told her grandfather, Jim Southworth, she was coming to stay with him. At first, Southworth didn't want to take her. Not because he didn't love her, but because he was worried how it would play out.

"She was 18 at the time and an adult, but I didn't want to be accused of kidnapping," he said.

Pennington's parents finally agreed to let her go, but told her neither she or her grandfather were welcome back.

Alecia has reached out to the public in the hopes of getting proof of her existence. She posted a YouTube video to raise awareness of her situation.

Alecia has gained a lot of attention with her efforts, even finding a lawyer to represent her in her fight for identity. She has also managed to collect some documents to support her claims, such as a statement from a doctor who said he saw her when she was aged 9, a 2005 statement of Baptism from the Fredericksburg Christian Fellowship (that does not give a date of birth), and a notarized document concerning the family's change of their last name from Sublett to Pennington from 2014. Her father has also finally agreed to help prove who she is.

In the end, the story is extremely strange and is causing a lot of controversy. Who's to say Alecia Pennington is actually an American citizen, or even who she claims to be?

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