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25 Pages From The 1962 Wish Book That Will Confuse and Amuse you

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The Wish Book was a staple in every household for decades. It was the best way to see what was in style and take advantage of all the sales. The Wish Book was first published back in 1933, but by 1962 it was in practically every home. We all had to check out the latest trends and see which new gadgets and gizmos were going to be popular over the coming year.

Looking back through the pages of the 1962 Wish Book is kind of like looking through a time capsule. The clothes, the technology, and the toys all feel like they are from a completely other planet at this point, but it's fun to look back and remember how the world used to be.

Take a look at these 25 pages from the 1962 Wish Book and see if anything is familiar to you!

The dresses were so elegant

And the whole family could coordinate

Seriously, in the 60s it was really important that the whole family was matching

You could even match your outfit to your handbag

Hats made a much bigger statement back then

Gloves were incorporated into every outfit

Remember when adding stretch to jeans was a huge deal?

Sears was always really excited about their new additions, this page highlights the very exciting "Paisley Print"

There was an entire page devoted to lighters

Beauty took a lot of work back in the day...

Copper was popular no matter where it came from

Even the flashlights looked cooler back then

Who else remembers having their TV in a cabinet?

Or putting a fluffy cover on literally everything in the bathroom from the toilet to the scale

The toy section was a lot different back in the 60s...

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