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2 Day Old Maggot-Covered Kitten Was At His Death's Door, Until A Puppy Picked Up His Scent

When little Opie the dog was on a walk with his human mama, he heard a sound and caught the scent of something that he was determined to follow.

As they approached the sound, it grew louder and louder. When they looked under a log, they found a two-day old kitten covered in maggots who was crying out for help.

Opie and his mama scooped up the desperate baby and brought him back to their home.

The little kitten got a warm bath and a visit to the emergency vet where he checked out as healthy.

He snuggled down in his cozy nesting box and had a long nap.

After 10 days, Roscoe the rescue kitten opened his eyes!

Multiple times a day, he ate his meals from a tiny syringe.

Then he got special belly rubs after each meal!

Eventually he grew big enough to drink milk from a bottle - awe!

Roscoe and his rescuer, Opie love to cuddle

Roscoe grew, and grew. Soon he was playing with toys and escaping from his playpen!

After two years, Roscoe grew into a handsome, fluffy boy!

He'll forever be grateful that his buddy Opie found him that fateful day!

Source : viralnova

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