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20 Adorably Sleepy Baby Bunnies That Just Can't Stay Awake

I don't know about you, but put a baby animal in front of me and nothing else in the world matters. Seriously, the house could be burning down and I will spare a few seconds to snuggle the adorable puppy or kitten that toddles by. The internet has a love affair with cats, but I am pretty sure that there is room in cyberspace for something just as fuzzy and adorable:

Baby bunnies. What could be cuter than something so tiny and young? What about sweet and sleepy baby bunnies? What about sleepy baby bunnies that can fit in the palm of your hand? Get ready for a cute explosion, because that's what about to happened to your screen.

I went searching for the sweetest little snuggle buns online, and, honestly, there are just too many to choose from! Here are the top 20 sleepy bunnies that will work their way into your heart one tiny snore at a time... consider yourselves warned!

Those fuzzy feet!

So TINY! That little kicky foot is killing me right now...

Bunny yawns!

Bunny buddies - bellies up!


Those precious little pink ears!

Yin and Yang snuggle time!

Just look at this perfect little nestling!

Awe little flufferbuns!

Shhhh! Do not disturb!

Must... stay....awake...


I'm too cute for sleep!

These little hay snugglers are so cozy and warm!

Brother or bunny pillow?

It's too bright for a sleepy bun!

A Basketfull of Sleepy Buns! I want to snuggle you all!

D'awwwe that ear though!

I know I'm sweet, but lady, I'm tryna sleep!

So sleepy my ears disappeared!

And a bonus video, because we can't get enough of these baby buns:

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