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20 Doritos Recipes That Will Spice Up Your Dinner Plans

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It happens so often: you work all day, drive home, and prepare a delicious meal for your family, but they leave a plate that's half full at the dinner table. Then an hour later they're digging into a bag of chips!

Keep your family out of the pantry by bringing the taste of their favorite snack into your kitchen.

These recipes all combine dishes your family will love with the Doritos flavors they're already in love with. Remember: in the kitchen there's no penalty for being too bold.

1. Layered Doritos Casserole

Shared Food

Easy, affordable, and guaranteed to leave a table full of clean plates.

2. Doritos Corn Dip

Normal Cooking

Great for game day or "just because."

3. Doritos Mac and Cheese Bites

Girlfriend in the Kitchen

These include minced jalapeno pieces for an extra kick.

4. Doritos Tuna Noodle Casserole

The Best Blog Recipes

Tuna casserole isn't complete without the crunch of crushed chips. Using Doritos adds some extra flavor to this family favorite.

5. Doritos Cheese Sticks


These indulgent treats are based off a short-lived product called Doritos Loaded from a few years back.

6. Nacho Grilled Cheese

Cook the Story

What's better than a warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich? Adding some crunch with Doritos.

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