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20 Common Phrases You've Been Saying Wrong Your Whole Life

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The English language is really difficult to master and even the most proficient speakers are guilty of making making silly mistakes.

We've already compiled a list of the most commonly mispronounced words, so this time we've rounded up a list of 20 popular phrases that most of us, myself included, have been saying wrong our entire lives.

1. Don't say: For all intensive purposes


Do Say: For all intents and purposes

For example: Carol, for all intents and purposes, drove right up to the house.

2. Don't say: I could care less


Do say: I couldn't care less

For example: Jim couldn't care less what people on the internet think about him.

3. Don't say: Hunger Pains


Do say: Hunger Pangs

For example: Tristan is trying not to snack at night despite having severe hunger pangs.

4. Don't say: It's a "doggy-dog" world


Do say: It's a dog-eat-dog world

For example: Owning a business is by no means easy, it's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

5. Don't say: It's a mute point


Do say: It's a moot point

For example: It's a moot point whether the chicken or the egg came first.

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