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20 Hilarious Back-To-School Photos Every Parent Can Relate To

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Mother-of-three Jena Williams' hilarious back-to-school photo has made headlines across the country, because it just speaks to every mother at this time of year.

Depending on where you live you're either getting your kids ready to go back to school or celebrating their return already, so get into the spirit of the season with these 20 hilarious and relatable pictures!

1. The 1st day back VS the second day...

2. You have the right to remain studious...

3. It got real dusty out here all of a sudden...

4. Aww, they miss us already!

5. Ok mom, now show us how you REALLY feel!

6. We admit that after spending the summer together it can be hard to say goodbye...

7. Just kidding! It feels GREAT!

Watch one mom's back-to-school happy dance on the next page!

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