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20 Things From Antiques Roadshow That Made Their Owners Rich

It's the ultimate dream of everyone who loves to browse flea markets and antique stores: digging up some forgotten treasure that turns out to be worth a fortune.

For most people, that dream involves going on Antiques Roadshow, where experts travel around the country looking at different antiques and revealing which ones are worth WAY more than their owners expect.

While the show has been around longer in Britain, the American version turns 20 in 2017, so we've collected some of the most interesting and valuable antiques from the show's history.

We've added some great examples from the UK as well, but no matter where you live you should start looking through your attic to see if you have any of these great finds tucked away behind your old silverware.

1. Norman Rockwell's "The Little Model" - $500,000

This painting's owner says his great-grandmother was the aunt of famous oil painter Norman Rockwell, who gave this piece to her. On a 2012 episode, he found out it was worth half a million dollars.

2. Winston Churchill's Cigar - Around $1,000

Supposedly, Churchill smoked this cigar while planning the D-Day invasion. It may be worth more, another cigar chomped by the famous Prime Minister sold for nearly $2,500.

3. Edgar Allen Poe Picture - $50,000

There aren't many photographs of the famous author, making this a picture worth $50,000.

4. Gold Plated Luxus II Camera - $620,000

Called the 'rarest camera in the world,' only four of these lizard-skin covered cameras were ever produced - but this is the last surviving model.

5. Prussian Plate - $185,000

This antique's owner came on the show to get some rare books valued, but it turned out this old plate she brought along once belonged to Prussia's King Frederick II.

6. Farmer's 'Jardiniere' Vase - over $820,000

Farmer Terry Nurrish kept this antique vase in his living room, and his children used it as a goalpost for their soccer games. Luckily they didn't break it, because it was actually made by famous French designer Christofle.

7. Ozzy the Owl Vase - about $25,000

This vase, whose owners named it "Ozzy," was used to hold flowers until they found out he was a valuable pottery vase from the 1640s. Now Ozzy lives in a museum.

8.  Navajo Blanket - $750,000-1 million

These blankets were handmade for Ute chiefs, and this is one of the oldest and best preserved antique blankets of its kind.

9. Seymour Card Table - $600,000

This table's owner picked it up at a yard sale for $25, then discovered it was made by a famous designer. Today it's easily worth half a million dollars.

10. The Football Association Cup - over $1.2 million

This trophy went to top British soccer teams between 1911 and 1992, so even its record breaking price seems low when you imagine all the history attached to it.

11. Peanuts Comic Strips - $450,000

The woman who bought these one of a kind strips only paid around $400 for each one. Charles Schultz, who drew Peanuts, gave away his only original copies of every strip, making these extremely rare.

12. 1950 Mobile - $400-600,000

This may seem like a lot for a baby toy, but this is actually a piece of art made by Alexander Calder, who invented the mobile. Although, we wouldn't hang this over a baby's crib.

13. Clifford Still Painting - $500,000

This painting was given to its current owners as a free housewarming gift. Whoever gave it to them must be kicking themselves, because it's made by a famous artist and it's very valuable.

14. Diego Rivera Painting - $800,000

Yes, lots of rare paintings seem to turn up in people's homes. This one was kept behind an office door for years!

15. Jade Bowls - $1.5 million

One of the show's biggest appraisals ever, these masterpieces were picked up in China for dirt cheap in the 30s and 40s.

16. Van Dyck Painting - $673,000

A priest managed to snag this work of art for just 400 pounds because it was mistakenly labeled a fake.

17. Rhino Horn Teacups - $1.5 million

The man who owned these cups inherited them in the 1970s, and had no idea what they were worth. When he was told during his episode, he called out to his family off screen that he needed his inhaler because he was so shocked.

18. Sunbeam Talbot 90 - over $61,000

This old car was used by a farmer to take his pigs to market, but it was once driven by racer Stirling Moss, who won the Monte Carlo Rally with it in 1967, making this car a world class antique.

19. Boston Red Stockings Memorabilia - $1 million

Who doesn't love baseball cards? These were some of the first player cards ever made, and they include the first player to wear a baseball glove, plus a page of autographs.

20. "Antique Vase" - $0

This weird piece of art was originally identified as a rare piece worth $50,000. Turns out, it was actually just a kid's art project from the 70s. Hey, they can't all be winners!

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