20 Pictures That Broke My Brain

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Whether they're optical illusions, photo trickery or just perfectly timed, all of these photos will make you stop and ask "what's going on here?!"

1. How's this for some landscaping?

2. Boating, or floating?

3. Perfect timing, or something even better

It's actually a perfectly clear lake creating this illusion.Twisted Sifter

4. I'm convinced he has a magic camera

There's some photo trickery at work here, but it's still pretty impressive.Reddit

5. Nothing in this photo is red...yes, really

The strawberries are gray, but your brain recognized they *should* be red.Akiyoshi Kitaoka / Twitter

6. The grey bar in this photo is one solid color

Cover the rest of the picture with your hands if you don't believe me.Shared

7. Is this chair facing forward, or backwards?

See for yourself:

8. Remember this tricky image? How many legs does the girl have?

Just two (of course) and a brown vase in her hands which looks just like a 3rd leg.imgur

If you thought that was confusing, just wait until you see the rest of the list!

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