2016 Has Been Saved After This Whale Adopted A Lonely Dolphin

Let's not kid ourselves, 2016 has been a bad year. Between this mess of an election, Olympic scandals, the Zika virus, celebrity deaths, and more, I was just about ready to give up on 2016.

That is, until, something beautiful happened under the sea.

In 2011, German ecologists caught a pod of sperm whales swimming in the ocean. Nothing out of the ordinary, until the realized that one of the whales wasn't a whale at all. It was actually a dolphin born with a spinal deformity.

Sperm whales are known as exceedingly empathetic animals who stick their necks out for other animals in need. However, National Geographic says it's unheard of for whales to adopt a dolphin into their pod.

There's much speculation as to why these two became friends. It makes sense for the dolphin, though. Since his back is deformed he can't swim as fast as other dolphins so he gets left behind. By joining up with whales, he wouldn't have to move as quickly. Plus, it offers some protection.

As for the whales, it doesn't really make sense for them to keep this dolphin around. But researchers believe it could come down to something like babysitting and feeling a need to protect the vulnerable dolphin.

Honestly though, who cares WHY they're BFFs. All that matters is they are.

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