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21 Baby Sloths Guaranteed To Make You Smile

The world might be going through some controversial stuff, but we still need something to smile about. For those who need a little break from the unpleasant world, there is always one thing that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face: Baby Sloths.

Baby sloths are just so ridiculous and cute that half the time they look like toys. There is something about those big eyes and their slow motion movements that always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Here are 21 baby sloths to cheer you up!


1. Smiling sloths are the sweetest sloths

2. Just hanging around

3. Goofy faces

4. Hugs by the beach

5. They have their favorite toys

6. And cozy blankets

7. Their little toes are too cute

8. Look at that little nose!

9. They take such good pictures

10. And have the sweetest eyes

11. They can turn that frown upside down

12. How could you not love this little buddy?

13. The more the merrier!

14. Have you totally melted yet?

15. Where is my cup of sloth?

16. Or my barrel of sloths!

17. Look at that little smile!

18. Don't you want to give it all the hugs?

19. Or tuck it in for a nap?

20. There is nothing sweeter

21. And I think they know it...

Bonus: Check out this video to watch one of these little cuties in action. It is seriously one of the most adorable things you will ever see!

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