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21 Cats Who DO NOT Want A Bath

So dogs getting a bath is an emotional experience all on its own, but what about when a cat needs a bath? If you have ever tried to bathe a cat, you know that the answer is complicated.

Getting a cat wet is not really their favorite thing, so trying to get them clean is quite the process, one that they tend to resent you for. Don't believe me? Well these 21 cats are obviously very upset with their need of a bath.


1. "I trusted you!"

2. "Well, I was looking great, thanks a lot."  

3. "Please don't make me do this?"

4. "I am very sad"

5. "I put a curse on your house"

6. "I used to be beautiful... what have you done."

7. "Not. Happy."

8. "You have betrayed me."

9. "Just wait until you are sleeping."

10. "I'm watching you."

11. "You melted me."

12. "You can't make me!"

13. "You'll pay for this"

14. "Why is this happening to me?"

15. "What have I done to deserve this!"

16. "I can't believe this is happening...again."

17. "Welcome to my list of enemies."

18. "I will haunt your every nightmare..."

19. "Just you wait, I will get you back."

20. "But I have so much to live for!"

21. "I see how it is. No more Mr. Nice Guy."

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