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21 Cats Who Don't Care That You're Taking A Picture

Cats are fairly indifferent when you try to take pictures of them. Depending on the cat, they may even hate it.

When you're trying to take a picture of something other than them, though, it's like you've never given them any attention at all.

"Hey look over here! Remember me? The cat? Who you love? And clearly neglect?"

Take a look at all these cats who decided now was the perfect time to photobomb. I actually laughed out loud at some of them!

1. "Ya ya ya, the baby is cute. But look at ME"

2. "Was the light really necessary?"

3. "Yikes! Sorry...ha ha just kidding no I'm not."


5. "He said WHAT!?"

6. I guess there's actually 3 cats that photobombed this one.

7. "I will make it my mission to eat all the dog shaped ornaments on this tree."

8. "Funny, I was on that table yesterday and I distinctly remember you telling me to get down."

9. "Somebody put baby in a corner and I want to get out!"

10. "Hey cool what does this thing do?"

11. "Watch how a professional works the camera!"


13. "OMG totally didn't even know you'd be here this is so random LOL"

14. "One day, they'll see me for who I really am....one day."

15. "Odd, this doesn't LOOK like you feeding me."

16. "Eat my farts, loser."

17. "I am the only one in this family that matters."

18. "It's I, the two headed cat monster."

19. "Is this too close?" "Yes, Jim. For the 100th time, yes."

20. This is just next level.

21. "Yep you're done with this now."

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