21 Dog Gifs That Got Us Through 2016

It's been a real roller coaster of a year - one of those scary roller coasters where mummies and vampires jump out at you - so it's important to look back at all of the good things that made 2016 bearable.

With so much uncertainty in the world this year, it was important to rely on things that will never let you down: family, friends, and cute dogs on the internet.

To celebrate their unique ability to make this year less awful, we've collected 21 of the best dog gifs from this year. Only the goodest of the good boys made it on, so we guarantee you'll be feeling better about this year by the time you finish this list.

1. This is how you win a staring contest

2. Look at this smooth operator

3. "To infinity...and beyond!"

4.  You missed a spot

5. "Don't play with your food!"

6. Um...I think he wants in

7. Trust fall!

8. "Who's your best friend?"

9. "Grandma, stop!"

10. You can't have it, nananana-na na!

11. A  dog taking his pet cloud for a walk

12. That was close!

13. No school today

14. Nap time

15. A vicious attack dog

16. "Just a little off the top"

17. This dog deserved Leo's Oscar

18. Feel the rhythm

19. ...Well, he tried

20. My dog would hate this!

21. Alright, back to bed

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