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21 Goofy Cats Who Would Rather Hang Out In Bags​

I don't know what it is about bags, but cats love them. Whether they are paper, plastic, canvas, leather or anything else, if there is a bag left open for more than five minutes the cat will find a way to get inside of it.

Maybe it is comfy? Maybe it is warm? Maybe they just like knowing that they are surrounded by the material of their bag and it somehow soothes them. We will never know. All we can do is look at these cats and wonder what they were thinking. Here are 21 cats who are loving their choices.


1. This cat wants to be a model but might need some Photoshop work

2. This fluffy friend will join in as well

3. This kitty just wants to have their own secret club house

4. This one is a bit shocked you found their hideout

5. Bags are great places for secret meetings

6. Although sometimes you may need to expand the clubhouse

7. Is this what they mean by catfishing?

8. Sure you are bud, whatever you say.

9. What a nice cave

10. A cat in a cat bag is a lot to take in

11. He has that sultry thing down pat

12. Plastic bags are not as easy to get in

13. Hard to look graceful when you get caught in one

14. You can still look cute, obviously

15. But it is a big challenge

16. Some cats are very stylish in their choices

17. And are really proud to show off

18. While others are a bit more shy

19. Or discrete

20. Almost stealthy...

21. And ready to pounce at a moment's notice

So, why do you think cats like to sit in bags? I guess it doesn't really matter, we may as well just enjoy it!

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