21 Insanely Satisfying Food Gifs

We all love food. It's just a fact. There is no one that does not love LOVE love food.

Often times, food is used for comfort. You've had a bad day, so you come home and have a tub bowl of ice cream. Or you order a pizza while you study.

If your New Year's resolution is to stop eating emotionally (HAHA GOOD LUCK) then this list is for you!

Here are the most satisfying good gifs on the Internet that will let food feed your emotions without feeding your stomach.

1. Donuts being glazed

2. Hershey Kisses being dropped

3. Pringles being cut out

4. Frozen pizzas being sauced

5. Wax paper being removed from under a cake.

6. Raclette AKA gooey cheese on bread

7. This perfect sandwich being perfectly cut.

8. This rising bread.

9. Ice cream cones being made

10. Peanut butter jars getting filled

11. Ice cream sandwiches being filled

12. Pasta being cut

13. Oreos

14. Sliced bread

15. Soft pretzels

16. Grilled cheese

17. More ice cream sandwiches

18. Mac n Cheese

19. Sizzling bacon

20. Squished s'mores.

21.And finally, this perfect chocolate mousse

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