21 Kids Who Take Instructions Way Too Literally

Kids obviously don't have the same language structure adults do.

They don't quite understand the concept of metaphors, sarcasm, hyperbole, and so-on.

Usually, though, when kids don't understand something they ask. These kids just did what felt right.

And sometimes what feels right is actually wrong...but also technically right? Life is weird like that.

Take a look at these kids who took their instructions WAY too literally.

1. This kid, who was told to "keep his eye on the ball"

2. This kid, who should get bonus marks for going above and beyond.

3. This kid, whose parents told him to look up puppy training tips for the dog online.

4. This girl, who heard you got to toast to a new year, and literally thought it meant eating toast.

5. This toddler, who was asked to feed the cat.

6. This kid, who was told to just eat half her grapes, if she didn't want them all.

7. This kid, whose parents told him to go outside and play.

8. This kid, who was right to give a dumb answer to a dumb question.

9. This kid, whose instructions were "draw hands on the clocks."

10. This kid, who was told to name the shapes.

11. This kid, who has a dark sense of reality.

12. This kid, who must have been friends with the grapes kid. "Just eat half."

13. This kid, who was told they were writing letters to Santa.

14. This kid, whose mom told her to not take any clothes off the hangers.

15. These kids, who were told not to eat all the strawberries.

16.  This kid, who was told to put Pooh back where he belongs.

17. This kid, whose mom said she doesn't want to see the cooler in this room anymore.

18. This kid, who was told to put the shampoo in the bathroom.

19. This kid, who is not wrong.



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