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21 Ridiculous Kitchen Tools That Make Awesome Gifts

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Is your kitchen feeling a little boring lately? Same old spice rack, same old pots, same old cups and bowls, just walking into the room makes you yawn.

Make cooking fun again with one of these unique utensils. Some are useful, some are just strange, but they're all guaranteed to make you say "oh, that's different!"

It seems like for any cooking problem you can think up, somebody has made a product that solves it in a clever way. Even if you're not a master chef, you can still have a lot of fun with these weird products.


1. Bogeyman Egg Separator

This is both convenient, and totally gross. I don't even want to know where the yolks come out.

2. Carrot Sharpener

If you have a recipe that calls for "really pointy carrots," this is will make your life a lot easier. Otherwise it's just a creative way to make some nice carrot slices.

3. Hot Dog Slicer

Get it? Hot dogs? These little wiener dogs cut your kids' food into safe bite-sizes and there's even a little water bowl for dipping sauces.

4. Oreo Dipper Stick

Are you tired of dipping your fingers in milk when you enjoy your favorite cookie? There has to be a better way! Well, finally there is with this handy gadget.

5. Condiment Gun

"Stick em up, partner! Hand over the hot dogs or you're going to have one BIG dry cleaning bill!"

6. Cherry Chomper

There are lots of ways to pit a cherry, but none are as cute as this cheery plastic fella who stores all your pits so they're easy to toss away.

7.  Steam Ship Lid

Ah, the luxury of traveling across the high seas on an ocean liner. Now you can enjoy it every time you make dinner with this clever pot lid.

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