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21 years and 2 kids later, The Relationship That Sent Her To Prison Is Over

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After an illicit affair, a stint in jail, two children and 12 years of marriage, 33-year-old Fualaau has reportedly filed for legal separation from Letourneau.

According to a source close to the couple, there is no third party involved but the pair has just naturally grown apart and it is unlikely that they will reconcile.

"They’ve been having issues for a while now,” reveals the source. “They tried to work through them, but it didn’t work. They’re still committed to being good parents to their children.”

Letourneau's attorney, David Gehrke, also spoke out following news of the controversial couple's separation.

“When one person is unhappy in the relationship, the other person can’t be happy either,” says Gehrke. “And there are two people in this relationship.”

“She could try to contest it, but that’s legally tough to do,” he says. “Perhaps if they want to figure out about the children and child support, but their kids are getting pretty old now.”

The last time the Letourneau and Fualaau were in the media, it was for an interview with Barbara Walters in time for their 10th anniversary. The couple opened up about their marriage, insisted that they were happy with each other and that their story doesn't define them.

“There is a story of us that has a life of its own, but it’s not our story,” the former schoolteacher told Walters.

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