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22 Crazy Fast Food Items From Around The World

When you go to get a fast food treat, you really aren't planning on eating healthy right? At least for the most part. Some fast food places like to test your limits a bit more than others by really experimenting with what could be made and should be eaten.

How many of these would you try?


1. McDonald's Japan: Gracoro Burger

The sight of this is a lot. There is a lot happening and I am not sure how to process it. apparently this so called burger is a breadcrumb-crusted patty of macaroni, shrimp and creamy white sauce.

2. Burger King Japan: Kuro Pearl Burger

Not sure who thought that making a burger look completely burnt would make it more appetizing, but they dyed the cheese with bamboo charcoal and put squid ink in the sauce.

3. Wendy's Japan: Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger

You know what I want with my burger? A lobster claw. Not really, no thank you.

4. Dunkin' Donuts China: Dried Pork and Seaweed Donuts

Oh good, because there wasn't enough meat or ocean weeds on my dessert?

5. Pizza Hut Korea: Star Edge Pizza

Because what you want in a pizza is good toppings like bacon, sausage, steak thrown in with some less typical ingredients like shrimp and calamari. Then, you fill the crust with creamy dessert fillings like cranberry, cinnamon apple or cream cheese. Then it's like dinner and dessert all in one!

6. KFC Korea: Zinger Double Down King

Have you heard of the Double Down? Well, now they add an extra layer of a burger because multiple chicken patties wasn't enough on there own.

7. First Kitchen Japan: Kit-Kat Sandwich

Everything about this makes me feel yucky. Its a piece of Kit-Kat on white bread with whipped cream and orange peel... Delicious?

8. Pizza Hut Middle East: Crown Crust Pizza

Pizza with mini cheeseburgers in the crust is perhaps the most tame thing on this list and I would absolutely eat that. Have you ever had cheeseburger pizza? It's pretty good!

9. Burger King Japan: Windows 7 Whopper

That's one way to celebrate the release of an operating system... A whopper that is seven burgers high seems a bit excessive but not the worst thing ever.

10. Wendy's Japan: Foie Gras Burger

Goose liver and truffles are a delicious addition to the fast food industry don't you agree?

11. Burger King Japan: Pumpkin Burger

Pumpkin spice 2.0. This burger has 10 slices of fried pumpkin on top of your burger.

12. KFC Phillippines: Double Down Dog

Best of both worlds... or... something else.

Pizza Hut Singapore: Double Decker Pizza

Not sure how this is a Christmas Delight, because when the pizza has two layers, and one has turkey and ham rolls with a mango mayonnaise on top it kind of loses it's delight.

14. Pizza Hut Australia: Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

It's so nice of them to already add your ketchup and mustard for you! That way your hot dog crust will be perfection.

15. Pizza Hut Hong Kong: Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza

So you've seen several variations on the stuffed crust now, but this one has a particularly original surprise. The crust is filled with cream cheese and fish eggs. It'll go perfectly with the scallops, crayfish, clams and shrimp on your pizza!

16. Lotteria East Asia: Shrimp Tree

I don't know how you would begin to eat this, but it is a stack of shrimp patties topped with tartar sauce and shredded lettuce.

17. Taco Bell US: Waffle Breakfast Taco

This one doesn't actually seem all that crazy, just eggs bacon, sausage and syrup. Kind of like a regular breakfast sandwich just in taco form.

18. Pizza Hut Middle East: Kit Kat Pops

Because when you have eaten a Kit-Kat in the past, you have thought "hey, maybe I should wrap this in pizza crust"

19. Taco Bell US Mtn. Dew AM

This is an interesting choice of mixture. They mixed Mountain Dew with orange juice, they rebranded it to call it Mountain Dew Kickstart just in case you were bored of it already.

20. McDonald's Canada: McLobster

Well, the McRib did well so can you really blame the for trying?

21. Pizza Hut Australia: Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza

The crust of the pizza is coated in crushed up Doritos. Might be fine I guess...

22. Tim Horton's New York Street Fair: Buffalo Crunch Donut

So the donut had buffalo sauce, and is crusted in crushed up chips.

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