22 Weird Animal Facts They Didn't Teach You In School

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Nature can be crazy with animals, sea creatures and birds doing things that we would have never thought possible.

From strange habits to crazy bodily functions, these 22 weird facts will definitely surprise you!

1. Pandas don't have a particular sleeping spot, they simply fall asleep where ever they happen to be.

2. Wombats have cube-shaped poop.


Wombats are highly territorial, so they use their cube shaped poop to mark their territory. Since a wombat has a very slow digestive process which typically takes 14-18 days, it allows for their excrement to become extremely dry and compacted which results in the cubed shape.


Source: IFLScience!

3. The platypus can swim with their eyes closed.


For about 20 to 40 seconds at a time, the platypuses search for food by diving to the bottom of the stream. They must close their eyes while underwater, so they see underwater by sensing currents created by their prey's muscle movements.

Source: Conservation Institute

4. The closest living relatives to the Tyrannosaurus Rex are chickens.

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After analyzing a 68 million-year-old bone of a Tyrannosaurus rex, scientists found that dinosaurs and birds have the same ancestry, which makes the chicken the T-Rex's closest living relative.

"The analysis shows that T-rex collagen makeup is almost identical to that of a modern chicken - this corroborates a huge body of evidence from the fossil record that demonstrates birds are descended from meat-eating dinosaurs," said Angela Milner, the associate keeper of palaeontology at the Natural History Museum in London. "So, it is very satisfying that the molecules have provided a positive test for the morphology."

Source: Go Weird Facts

5. Hippos kill more humans than any other mammal each year.


While the hippo is primarily a vegetarian, the world's third-largest land mammal is extremely aggressive and territorial. In combination with its size (average male is 3,300 pounds), sharp teeth and mobility both on land and in the water, this makes it a power animal you will want to avoid.

6. Only 10% of the world's ocean has been explored. Most of it still remains a mystery.


The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the planet's surface, ultimately supporting all living things on the earth. Due to its vast size and depth, only 10% of the ocean has been seen by human eyes. Who knows what else lies in the deep?

7. Many butterflies can drink blood when given the chance.

While they may seem beautiful and harmless, you should know better than to judge a book by its cover. While butterflies do not have the ability to create a wound, they won't turn up the opportunity for a drink if it becomes available. As gross as it sounds, it makes sense, since blood contains all the minerals and nutrients that most living organisms need.

8. Turkeys can reproduce without a mate.

Some female turkeys are capable of asexual reproduction. This means that eggs from a non-mated hen can grow without being fertilized by a male. All turkeys born this way are male and are indistinguishable from other males produced by natural or artificial mating.

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9. Starlings can imitate words better than parrots, sometimes.


Parrots aren't the only birds that can repeat human speech. Starlings are great at it too!

10. The assassin bug, Acanthaspis petax, wears the corpses of ants to confuse its predators.

Lugging around massive piles of their foes, this predator seems both intimidating and has a highly effective armor.


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