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23 Emotions Dogs Experience While In The Bath

If you have ever owned a dog, you know that most dogs have pretty strong feelings about bath time. Some love it, and the rest seem to hate it. Of course there are a few who couldn't care one way or another, but for the most part it's a pretty polarizing topic.

Whether they love it or hate it, a picture of a dog in a bath is one of the greatest things around. They have all the emotions while they endure this experience. Check out the 23 most likey emotions a dog will experience while getting a bath.


1. Defeated

2. Relaxed

3. Enraged

4. Furious

5. Betrayed

6. Amused

7. Refreshed

8. Peaceful

9. Deflated

10. Bubbly

11. Talented

12. Hesitant

13. Stylish

14. Depressed

15. Joyful

16. Cautious

17. Goofy

18. Comfortable

19. Self Conscious

20. Sneaky

21. Disgruntled

22. Calm

23. Blissful

How does your dog feel when you give them a bath? Any of these ring a bell?

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