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24 Cats Who Hate Snow More Than You Do

Cats are usually thought of as graceful, elegant, and delicate. These cats however, have given up on that because snow is the demon that they need to conquer and there is no time for grace.

These poor cats have had enough of the snow. It isn't fun anymore and they just want it to go away. I know the feeling my feline friends! Check out these 24 cats who probably wish it would never snow again.


1. This cat who just wants to go outside

2. This cat/Koolaid Man hybrid

3. This cat who is sick of swimming in the snow

4. This cat who had their getaway interrupted

5. This cat who has resorted to attacking the snow in an attempt to make it go away

6. This cat who has almost given up hope

7. This cat who will fight the snow

8. This cat who regrets their choices... A LOT

9. This cat who didn't expect it to be so cold

10. This cat who wish they judged the distance better

11. This cat who thinks if they jump far enough maybe there won't be any snow when they land

12. This cat who will not be fooled into touching that freezing mush

13. This cat who doesn't trust the snow

14. This cat who will try to go to the source and destroy it

15. This cat who hates it just SO much

16. This cat who will just sled away from this winter

17. This cat who found a better way to get around in the snow

18. This cat who will not be caged another moment

19. This cat who thinks that if they slap it out of the air it will stop

20. This cat who thinks the element of surprise will let them defeat it

21. This cat who has been driven mad from all the snow

22. This cat who is looking for any other surfaces to stand on that are not covered in snow

23. This cat who will let no snow past it

24. And these tiny kittens who are too young to face such challenges

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