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25 Absolutely Insane Styles That Will Win Any 'Crazy Hair Day'

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When we were kids, we could settle for tying our hair into 11 different pony tails or dying it a strange color for "crazy hair day." But today's kids are taking the annual event to the next level (with the help of their competitive parents). Here are 25 of the coolest designs they've come up with:

1. "Just a little off the top, please"

2. Hang ten!

Break007 / Reddit

3. No, they don't actually spin

4. I bet their parents are hair stylists...

Meekoiscool / Reddit

5. How do they come up with this stuff?

6. "Time to make the donuts!"

hairgirlcc / Instagram

7. Your hair looks like a bird's nest - but in a good way!


8. Autumn-azing!

Cyfork / Instagram

9. Un-bee-lievable!


10. I don't know, this style is king of cagey

Cyfork / Instagram

This next picture is seriously impressive...

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